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Finding Magic

This is my first ‘all wood’ sculpture – it marks a very important new direction for my art and I’m excited to bring wood into my vision for many inspirations to come.  Watch this space for more of that …. I have two more coming this year that will be very dynamic !!!!

I loved this one so much that I took a chance and had a mold created.  I have now been able to produce this wonderful piece as a full traditional bronze.  I will limit this edition of bronze Finding Magic to 25.

Mr 1863

Missionary Ridge 1863

My first civil war project is complete.  It contains so much detail and has been lovingly coaxed into life from my original concept. I created this piece because I live in an area where many battles of that time were fought.  It presented me with a challenge to get the small details truly correct from a historical perspective.  The rider is a Union Major but could just have easily been Confederate (it was a choice based on uniform not politics).  I called this piece Missionary Ridge in reference to a campaign of battles that took place in Chattanooga.  During this battle, the high ground of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge were so strategically important to both sides.



Wave Runners (work in progress)

in 1998 Guinness had that wonderful advert with surfers and waves and a hypnotic pulsating drum beat.  I loved that commercial, when I came to own this incredible piece of juniper …. I knew exactly what I wanted to create.  It’s still in its formative stages but I’m very excited about how this one will turn out … Watch this space.