Fine Equestrian Art

A frequent question asked by those to whom horses are not a particular interest, “How can you tell them apart ?, one brown horse looks just like the next”.¬†To me their features are just as individually different as any two humans. They all have the obvious nuances in coat color and markings but more than that, they have different skull shapes, eyes, noses and expressions, they are each unique ….just as we are.

In my portraits I like to establish the most prominent characteristics of my subject animal. matching them as exactly as I can, I will pose each sculpture or painting in an visually attractive way so to pay homage to artistically pleasing lines and curves as well as the true likeness of the horse.

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How to commission a portrait

Once you have decided to go ahead with a portrait, I will need some clear photographs that show me each angle of the horse’s head neck and shoulders. I will need particular close ups of the eyes, ears, muzzle and underside of jaw area. Your ideas and feedback as the work progresses will ensure your equine portrait is exactly what you want. When the clay version of the work is done, you will have a chance to agree to the final casting or make any minor alterations.

Casting options

  • Traditional foundry-cast bronze
  • Cold-cast bronze (resin with bronze powder mix)
  • Custom painted resin
  • Plain resin (black or white)

How much will it cost?

Prices depend upon size complexity and casting selection. I am open to any customization you might have in mind. Prices vary according to the choices made.

Enquire for exact pricing on your project